Tips For Garage Door Troubleshooting Union City

Anyone who has a garage door will hit some snags sometimes. Most people call on their doors to work rain, shine, through snow and ice. They have a tall order having springs, and other metal parts that work right against the garage door.

As the barrier between outside and inside, garage doors face lots of moisture, dirt, heat, and in many cases temperature differences. That puts a lot of stress on all of the parts of the door.

Mechanical Hiccups

Garage door troubleshooting Union City requires some basic knowledge about how the doors work. They sit in a track and move up and down, unless they are broken. It’s more than that, though.

The garage door has to be well lubricated to move without resistance from friction. After all, the door has metal, the channel is metal, and that can have friction.

Beyond even that, there are springs that need to operate. They wear out over time. And, when they do it can be dangerous.

Prevention And Maintenance

From now on it is important to dedicate time twice a year to the maintenance of the doors and springs. Of course, start by garage door troubleshooting Union City first to find out what is wrong.

This will teach you how to evaluate the garage door and its components twice a year too. For one, see whether any of the springs are broken or rusted and on the brink of breaking.

Check the track for debris. See that the door is on the track, and itself not broken. All of this will go a long way toward helping you see whether anything is broken or not.


If nothing is broken, then it is time to lubricate the mechanical parts to prevent damage from friction. Oil it up and it will be good to go.