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Garage door repair….help.?
one of the wire cables has unwrapped itself from a roller/ bobin on one side of the door, how do i get it to stay on again. everytime i wind it on, it falls off when i open the door.

Posted by Ron


You maybe need to retension the spring unit, depending on the make of your door.

If the spring requires tensioning or slackening – fit the crook pin on the right hand side by locating through the hole in the spring shaft and locating around the canopy arm in the head bracket. Hold the spring plug tight with a toggle bar in one of the four holes to maintain the tension.
Loosen the two Allen screws in the spring plug.
Using a second toggle bar, turn the spring plug one or two turns up to tension or down to slacken the spring.
Tighten the two Allen screws and carefully allow the spring to take up the tension before removing the original toggle bar. Ensure that the cables run down behind the cones and are in the outer grooves as shown.
Remove the crook pin.
Operate the garage door opener to make sure it is correctly balanced.
You will probably need help to do this, or call the professionals.